SSuite Axcel Professional

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SSuite Axcel Professional is a comprehensive spreadsheet editor that gives you a ton of tools for organizing all kinds of data, whether it be numerical or text-based, and doing all kinds of calculations in an easy and effective way.

One of the first things you'll notice about working with SSuite Axcel Professional is its processing speed. It's fully optimized so you can open several documents and work with lots of data simultaneously without any lagging or crashing the computer. This makes it incredibly easy to work with and also guarantees you won't lose anything due to an unexpected crash.

SSuite Axcel Professional is compatible with the rest of the spreadsheet processors, so you can open documents created on other applications without worrying about altered formats or lost information. It's perfect for experts as well as beginners. SSuite Axcel Professional has a comprehensive guide that goes over all of its functions and features, and thanks to its support system, you can express complicated formulas without too much trouble.

Create the spreadsheets you need (no matter how complicated), generate diagrams and custom graphics, and work without worrying about losing information or unexpected crashes with SSuite Axcel Professional, a fast, comprehensive, and professional spreadsheet processor.

Android 4.1 or higher required.